The Unnamed Puzzle

Attempting to solve a Hamiltonian path problem.

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Attempting to solve a Hamiltonian path problem. ## The Problem You have a 10 * 10 grid. You may start at any position on the grid, but may not land on the same spot twice. You can move any of 8 directions. The first 4 are directly up, down, left, or right, skipping two spots. You may also move 4 ways that are offset by the aforementioned moves by 45 degrees, but you skip only one spot on these moves. You must land in every square exactly once. ## Solve ability This problem is np-complete, and therefore is functionally impossible to solve. the number of possible move combinations is 100* 8^99 .Even at a blistering pace of 500,000 a second it would take 1.61* 10^75 centuries to complete.